Say Hi to Bydas.

Finished another commission piece of a Shepard. Beautiful dog and a joy to paint. Bydas is one of the winners of the Zoetis pet contest and 2 of the 7 I’ve been commissioned to do. Stay tuned for more pets to come!

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When I was going thru art school and my teacher was instructing us on how to paint shadows and highlights I always assumed shadows were black and highlights were white. Hmm. Well, it’s simply not even close. When he instructed us to go out and buy the supplies for the class he gave us a […]

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The Culture of Quitting.

This is a fantastic article by Dave Konkin. THE CULTURE OF QUITTING   

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Meet Ming Ming Li

Thank you to Zoetis for the opportunity to paint 7 pets for their nationwide pet photo contest. Ming Ming was one of the lucky winners! A pleasure and blessing that I got to paint this adorable pup. Enjoy it Lily Li!

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10 Tips for a good oil painting

1. A good painting starts with a good drawing. 2. Never paint anything so white it can’t be made whiter. 3. Don’t use black out of the tube. Mix your black! 4. Shadows are transparent and rarely black. Put some color in your shadows. 5. Highlights are not white. Use white to tint your colors […]

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It’s been a few years and I have some new endeavors. Being a full time artist and freelancer now I decided to add some new work as well as update my site!! Let me know what you think about it! Cheers!

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