Gibson is a gift.

I’m back in my new studio and cranking out work. This commission was done as a gift and was a joy to paint. Gibson has since passed on but this painting of him (16×20) will keep his memories front and center. Sad to see a pet go, but when you see the joy on someones […]

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Tis the season

Fall is in the air and you know what that means. The holidays are approaching and what better gift than a custom painting. From your pets, to your nephew to your grandparents I can paint just about anything you need or want. I primarily paint with oil on canvas and my sizes range from 11×14 and […]

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Good old Hank

He sits with confidence, poise and embraces the warm sun as his picture is being taken. Thanks the Hank I know or at least perceive anyway. Hank was an absolute joy to paint. He has the best of both worlds in terms of fur. Long facial fur and short fur on the body. This combination […]

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Fast and Furious

Meet Tess. A winner in the Zoetis Pet Photo Contest. One of the fastest dogs as well as paintings I’ve done. What made this painting go so quickly? First off, the fur. Short hair animals are a tad harder to paint. Tess on the other hand had long coarse hair which made it easy to […]

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Meet Onyx and Brooklyn

I just finished this 20×24 commission painting of these two children. The boy is Onyx and the girl is Brooklyn. People are always a challenge for me, but I love it. Getting the right skin tone, the right eye shape and color, the lips and teeth just right. It’s not easy, especially when the family […]

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Hello, Spike!

Spike is another one of the contest winners thru the Zoetis pet photo contest. I don’t get paint many cats so this one was kinda fun for me to do. It’s 16×20 and oil on canvas.

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