He sits with confidence, poise and embraces the warm sun as his picture is being taken. Thanks the Hank I know or at least perceive anyway. Hank was an absolute joy to paint. He has the best of both worlds in terms of fur. Long facial fur and short fur on the body. This combination makes him not only fun to paint but also stand out from most dogs I’ve painted. He’s quite unique.

Painting Hank was a pretty quick process. I started by adding in all the darks, then layering in lots of purple and blues to give his coat some color. Once I let that dry I put the highlights in and tightened the drawing. Once all that was dry I added all the detail in Hank and again, let that dry. I then glazed in a layer of dark/black to give his coat depth. Once that was dry I put back in all the detail and background for the final layer. What all these layers and stages do is give the painting depth and rich colors. The shadows have color and the highlights pop more.

I hope you enjoy the piece and stay tuned for more!!

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