10 Tips for a good oil painting

1. A good painting starts with a good drawing. 2. Never paint anything so white it can’t be made whiter. 3. Don’t use black out of the tube. Mix your black! 4. Shadows are transparent and rarely black. Put some color in your shadows. 5. Highlights are not white. Use white to tint your colors […]

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It’s been a few years and I have some new endeavors. Being a full time artist and freelancer now I decided to add some new work as well as update my site!! Let me know what you think about it! Cheers!

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Snowball in Summer

Just finished this 12″x12″ oil on canvas of Snowball. Snow has recently passed away so it makes this commission even more special to the owner. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did painting it!

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Meet Indy.

Meet Indy. He’s a black lab now living in North Carolina. I painted him on a 16″x20″ canvas and he’s done in oils. Keep checking back for more finished works!

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Jeff Oehmen Art on Facebook

Check out my Facebook Art page! I post lots of progress pictures and sometimes run deals on paintings!    

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New Site Coming Soon!

In the meantime feel free to contact me for any details.

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