“Create Something Everyday.”


Creating is what I’ve been doing my whole life. From moments to art to advertising, creating is what I do

I’m a fine artist as well as a creative in the “advertising” world.

I primarily paint with oils on canvas and work on commission art as well as art for myself. During my advertising career I have worked at some pretty great shops like BBDO, Mullen, Erwin Penland and freelanced at Troika TV, Ames Scullen O’Hare and Brighthouse. Along the way I’ve gotten to touch some pretty great brands such as: AT&T, REI, BMW, History Channel, HP, Disney, Seagrams just to name a few.

I received my BFA in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design and AA in Design from Madison Area Technical College.

I currently reside in Greenville, South Carolina with my beautiful wife and two children.

Fine art

A Collection of Fine Art and Commission Paintings

  • HANK_16X20_final
  • Tess_16x20_final
  • Dannettes_Children
  • SPIKE_16X20
  • Bydas_oil_16x20_2014
  • coke painting
  • tricycle
  • the-race
  • HorseJump
  • Cherrys dog
  • White_Dog
  • John C Reily Hires

The Canvas

A blog about creativity and art.


Good old Hank

He sits with confidence, poise and embraces the warm sun as his picture is being taken. Thanks the Hank I know or at least perceive anyway. Hank was an absolute joy to paint. He has the best of both worlds in terms of fur. Long facial fur and short fur on the body. This combination […]

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Fast and Furious

Meet Tess. A winner in the Zoetis Pet Photo Contest. One of the fastest dogs as well as paintings I’ve done. What made this painting go so quickly? First off, the fur. Short hair animals are a tad harder to paint. Tess on the other hand had long coarse hair which made it easy to […]

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Meet Onyx and Brooklyn

I just finished this 20×24 commission painting of these two children. The boy is Onyx and the girl is Brooklyn. People are always a challenge for me, but I love it. Getting the right skin tone, the right eye shape and color, the lips and teeth just right. It’s not easy, especially when the family […]

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